Library Web page, new and improved


    By Ashley Morgan

    Students logging on to use the Harold B. Lee Library Web page will be surprised with what they find. The Web page added an improved search engine to help students find better sources faster as part the library Web page”s improvements.

    “While some students may be a little confused by all the options they now have, it is a better system for finding in-depth research material,” said Michael Hooper, library communications manager. “Students can still use the general search to comprehensively find items in the library.”

    The most obvious change is the narrowed search engine. In the past, students would enter a few key words and receive a huge list of related sources. Now, more options allow students to navigate library inventory with more precision.

    In addition to the “general search” option, students have the choice of searching in their area of study by using “search by format” or “search by discipline”.

    Allyson Washburn, Library Web Team Chair, said while the new search will take more practice in navigating, the effort would be worth the time saved in weeding out unnecessary results.

    “This new arrangement saves time for students by directing them to the specific subject they want to search,” Washburn said. “For example, if a student is searching for information for a Biology 100 assignment, they would choose ”Search by Discipline”; ”Biology & Agriculture” and then click on ”Biology.””

    Feedback from faculty and students praised the new design and search tools, even if some were sad to see the old page go.

    Not all students embraced the new changes to the existing site.

    “It makes me mad that they changed it,” said Caroline Miller, 21, a senior from Provo, majoring in history teaching. “It was hard enough as it is, and now I have to relearn how to use it.”

    The main library page resembles the main BYU Web page, creating a familiarity with users. News and upcoming events take center page, boasting the library”s exhibits, lectures and film series. Students can also access a listing of library employees and a layout of the library.

    Variety is one of the key objectives of the redesign, to help students realize the library is more than books and librarians.

    For those discouraged by the complex new tools, the site offers the contact information for the subject librarian. The site also offers a transition guide for those familiar with the old site. This guide gives the new locations of old links, assisting students reacquainting themselves with the site.

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