Fans react to BYU victory


    By Holly Hunt

    BYU?s win against Notre Dame Saturday evening excited the fans and lifted their spirits for the season. The victory marked the turning point from last year?s dismal losses and gave way to great hope.

    ?I think anytime you win your season opener it gives you momentum,? said Director of Football Media Relations Jeff Reynolds. ?Having momentum is so important going from one game to the next.?

    Professors and students united in the stadium along with thousands of cheering fans to show their loyalty to the team as they battled against a reputable foe.

    ?It was a decent start to the season,? said BYU Associate Professor of Japanese Dr. Bob Russell. ?Anytime you?re able to win a game against a classy program, like that of Notre Dame, it has to be a positive.?

    BYU fans stood tall as they watched the team fight to remain in the lead. Specifically, they expressed excitement over the football team?s defensive performance and extraordinary abilities.

    BYU rugby player Mike Poelman said he loved watching the defense. His friend, Bart Paxton, 23, a junior from Bountiful majoring in Exercise Science eagerly agreed.

    ?I was surprised how good the defense is, especially my main man, Cameron Jensen,? Paxton said. ?He went to my high school.?

    However, some BYU fans reacted with less enthusiasm over the three-point win against Notre Dame because they expected more from the team.

    Danny Martin, 22, a junior from Sacramento majoring in Korean studies said BYU has a very talented team and should have beat Notre Dame by a lot more.

    In addition, John Alldredge, 22, a junior from Salt Lake City majoring in business felt the game declined towards the end.

    ?The game started out really good, but seemed to taper out and fizzle,? Alldredge said. ?It would?ve been more exciting if it?d ended on a good note like it had started.?

    Although a few fans felt a bit disappointed, it did not stop students from returning to classes with huge smiles on their faces after Labor Day weekend.

    Alicia Mabey, 19, a sophomore from Las Vegas majoring in Physiology Developmental Biology said Beck?s 50-yard throw gave her hope for the team and the upcoming season.

    Even BYU?s mascot bubbled with school spirit and optimism. Cosmo said the energy and enthusiasm of the fans played a key role in BYU?s win.

    ?No mascot could be prouder of BYU then I was on that day because the fans were so awesome,? Cosmo said. ?I always knew BYU would win. They have a solid coach and a confident team with a very good defense.?

    The BYU football team impressed fans on the field, but the fans inspired the team from the stands.

    ?I thought the fan support was incredible,? Reynolds said. ?The class and respect they showed to Notre Dame and their fans was great, and I think that reflects upon the type of institution we really are.?

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