Erstwhile fancying


    The recent rash of reports of misconduct by members of the football team has brought to mind the teams of 10 to 20 years ago.

    There was a time when BYU consistently was one of the top programs in the country. In those days it relied on teamwork, some innovative coaching, and (GASP!) probably a little bit of faith and humility to be successful. That is and has been the formula for success at BYU. It seems quite often that our biggest recruits turn out to be our biggest disappointments.

    In the past it was players like an unknown 8th string quarterback in parentheses that lead us to greatness. And these men did it through hard work and old-fashioned values. There was even a time when the crowd would never boo — would rather hold up keys and shake them at bad calls. But, of course, that’s just a silly, outdated and cheesy notion of respect.

    If BYU tries to pursue the path of the rest of the world in the pursuit of greatness, it will be just like the majority of the other football programs in the world — below the best. BYU needs to pursue a different path … it is a different school. To pretend otherwise it to sever itself from the very thing that is it’s source of strength makes it different from the world.

    Whether it’s Crowton’s fault or not, this team will continue to lose as long as it is arrogant and behaves in a manner like this. I don’t care how good the “future recruits” are or even if we get some hotshot coach to replace Crowton.



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