Professor recognized as Fellow of ASM International


    By Ashley Peterson

    After inventing a microscopy that has made a difference in construction materials, Brent L. Adams, Dusenberry professor of mechanical engineering, is being honored for it.

    Adams has been elected a Fellow of ASM International, the Materials Information Society for his research success.

    He is receiving the honor because of his contributions to the study of microstructure; including advances in representation, stereology and the development of Orientation Imaging Microscopy, said Leslie Taylor, the former administrator of ASM International awards.

    In 1992, Adams and his research team finished inventing Orientation Imaging Microscopy. It is a special type of scanning electron microscope used to scan the properties of materials.

    “The Orientation Imaging Microscopy gave the ability for technology to make better materials; better steel, better lead plates, better automobiles,” Adams said. “A lot of work is currently going on in Japan.”

    The instrument was commercialized in 1994 and is now used in over 400 laboratories in more than 35 countries worldwide.

    “It”s cool!” he said. “You wonder if you will ever have an impact with your research in the lab. The Orientation Imaging Microscopy has allowed materials to be processed in different ways.”

    Materials include; metal, steel, ceramics, etc.

    Adams and 30 other recipients will be presented the honor at the ASM”s Materials Solutions Conference and Exposition, Oct. 19 in Columbus, Ohio.

    “The main criteria for the recipients are a technical achievement,” Taylor said. “It is a technical achievement award.”

    An annual meeting will take place for the Fellows. At the meeting they seek advice on the latest technology in materials field, as well as plan events. It was developed to have a broad based forum, she said.

    Adams has been a member of ASM International for more than 20 years. He has served as Chairman and Vice Chairman for the Texture and Anisotropy technical committee.

    ASM International is a society for mechanical engineers and scientists, a worldwide network dedicated to advancing industry, technology and applications of metals and materials, according to the ASM International Web site.

    There are more than 36,000 members of ASM International, including more than 1,000 fellows, Taylor said.

    Adams and his research team are currently working on materials design. Because material properties aren”t constant, he is trying to design a mathematical equation of the internal structure.

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