Swing dancing comes to Sandy


    By Bryce Burger

    This weekend, swing dancing is making a comeback at the Sandy City Amphitheater.

    One would never guess the year is 2004 as The Sinatra Songbook performs and turns back the clock to the ”30s and ”40s.

    “My husband and I loved the performance last year, and we can”t wait until Saturday night,” said Linda Reed, from Sandy.

    The Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra and singer Jack Woods will be performing together Saturday night.

    “It is a great opportunity for me to come here and perform with the Jazz Orchestra and sing Frank Sinatra songs,” said Woods, from Los Angeles.

    Steven Ireland, marketing director for the Sandy City Amphitheater, said Woods has a voice just like Sinatra. Woods and the orchestra are working on a CD together.

    The first half of the concert will be big band songs and the second half will be Frank Sinatra songs.

    Ireland said the Jazz Orchestra has performed at the Amphitheater before with great success.

    “Our audience likes this type of music, so they really get into it,” Ireland said.

    Reed said at last year”s concert she and her husband were dancing and having a great time.

    “It is neat to go to a concert that plays music from my parents era.” Reed said. “I guess I like it so much because I heard it growing up.”

    Reed and her husband are planning on dancing again Saturday night.

    Before the swinging gets started Saturday night, Peter Breinholt and Big Parade will perform Friday. For Breinholt, this will be his sixth year in a row performing at the Sandy City Amphitheater.

    “It”s an annual tradition of ours to have Peter Brienholt in concert,” Ireland said.

    Breinholt”s concert at the amphitheater is his biggest show of the summer.

    “Breinholt will be performing some new music never heard before,” Ireland said.

    Unlike other performances Breinholt gives, he brings guest performances with him to the amphitheater. Ireland said this year Breinholt has brought some surprises along with him.

    Ireland said one of the reasons why Breinholt has so mush success at the amphitheater is because of the venue; he can really connect with the audience.

    “Our audience just loves him,” Ireland said. “He is very personable and he connects with the audience by talking to them and getting them involved in his music.”

    Shelly Daw, from Draper, has been going to Brienholt”s concerts for three years and in the process has become a big fan.

    “I love the energy and emotion that he brings to each concert with him,” Daw said.

    Both concerts start at 8 p.m. Ireland said that concertgoers can bring their own food and picnic before the show.

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