BYU student receives scholarship in Australia


    By Melanie Wiser

    The Institute of Internal Auditors Research awarded BYU student, David Wood, with the 2004 Esther R. Sawyer Scholarship.

    Wood received a plaque, as well as $5,000, at an international conference in Sydney, Australia, for a paper he wrote on how internal auditors can add value by coordinating with external auditors.

    The conference was for internal auditing professionals to discuss fraud and financial reports as well as other related topics.

    “It”s always an honor for a student to be invited to go to one of these professional conferences,” said Joseph Ogden, assistant dean for the Marriott School of Management. “It was an honor just for him to be invited, plus, to receive the award was great for him and for the school.”

    The scholarship, first offered in 2000, is available only to students who are part of graduate programs endorsed by the Institute and have written about a subject related to internal auditing.

    Wood first heard about the scholarship from BYU professor, Doug Prawitt.

    “He said that a BYU student won two years ago and that it was worth a try,” Wood said.

    In September, Wood started doing some research, but it was not until Christmas break that he really began working on the paper.

    Wood was not completely familiar with this part of accounting, so he first had to do a lot of research work.

    “It was an introduction to a new part of accounting,” Wood said. “I spent a significant amount of time on it.”

    Wood worked on the paper alone, going to professors only to get feedback.

    “He is capable and bright,” Prawitt said.

    Wood”s paper, “Increasing Value Through Internal and External Auditor Coordination,” outlined seven steps that internal auditors can take to coordinate efforts, as well as to develop trust.

    In addition to the scholarship, Wood”s travel and conference expenses were covered.

    “I presented the paper at one of the sessions of the international meeting, went to other sessions and got to see Sydney,” Wood said.

    Wood is finishing his master”s degree in accounting and plans to continue on to get a doctorate at one of the top programs. He would like to return the conference in the future, but this time as a professor.

    Wood said that winning the award was a wonderful, exciting opportunity.

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