New radio station features no commercials


    By Bryce Burger

    A new radio station in Salt Lake City is giving its listeners what they want – no commercials, just music.

    FM-101.9 is the station, playing nonstop music 24-hours a day without commercial interruption. FM-101.9 has given itself the title of the only pop culture music channel in Utah.

    “I listened to it all day long today because they were no commercials,” said Jessica Duke, a freshman at the University of Utah.

    Duke also said one of the things she liked best about the channel was the large selection of music.

    “I probably listen to 101.9 more now because of the variety,” Duke said.

    Another thing Duke liked was that FM-101.9, also know as POP-FM, does not overplay songs like other stations do. Duke found the station by flipping through the FM dial. She now has it preset in her car.

    “I like new pop songs but I like a lot of the old stuff too,” Duke said, “Stuff from a few years ago that the other stations don”t play anymore.”

    Duke said she would have never found the station if she was not channel surfing.

    “The only time I would ever surf through channels was when I went out of town,” Duke said.

    Lisa Wade, 18, from Salt Lake City, heard of the station from Duke.

    “I was driving in the car with her and she turned it on,” Wade said. “I thought it was cool that there were no commercials.”

    Wade also said whenever a commercial came on a station she used to listen to, that she would change the channel. When she listens to FM-101.9, she said she does not have to worry about that.

    “I will definitely be adding 101.9 to my presets in my car,” Wade said.

    According to the Desert Morning News before converting over to its new format, FM-101.9 went through many transformations. They aired a simulcast of FM-93.3 KUBL, a country station, for about two days.

    After the station realized another country station was not needed in the Salt Lake City market, they tried a simulcast of AM-1320 KFNZ, a sports talk radio station. That failed to work as well, so KFNZ was dropped, and POP-FM was born June 17.

    FM-101.9 has made it a goal to hear from their listeners and get feedback so they can become a better station. In between songs promotions for the station play as well a phone number for listeners to call and leave their feedback.

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