Bridesmaids’ dress styles abound


    By Tiffany Palmer

    Bride”s dresses may be most commonly seen in white, but bridesmaid”s dresses have as many options as the wedding itself.

    As a matter of personal preference, a bride has the liberty to choose any styles, types or colors of dresses for her bridesmaids.

    Each year the styles and colors change in the way bridesmaids are dressed for the big day.

    “To the knee length is a big style for bridesmaids this year,” said Pamela Weight, owner and designer of Gowns by Pamela. “It is a very summery look.”

    Depending on the wedding, bridesmaid”s dresses are formal or just an everyday dress that could be worn at any occasion.

    “I think it”s better to go with something they can wear in the future with the idea that they can wear it for other events,” said McKenzie Lawrence a Russian major from Fresno, Calif. ”

    The formality of the dress depends on the formality of the wedding said Lisa Erekson, manager at Walker”s Bridal Emporium.

    Usually the style for bridesmaid”s dresses is not a lot different, Weight said. They mostly just play with colors and sleeves.

    To add a little variety, color is an easy thing to play with.

    Having bridesmaids wear all black with another color, as an accent, is a really big trend right now, Weight said. Oranges and pinks are the biggest colors.

    All of the bridesmaid”s dresses do not have to be the same. There can be differences in waists and sleeves as well as color.

    One thing that is popular is to have all of the bridesmaids wear the same dress in different colors which all match the colors of the wedding said Erekson.

    “I had all my bridesmaids wear all black with a see-through pink top over the black dresses,” said Holly Binks, an early childhood education major from Payson.

    Along with this little variety idea, it is also a popular look to have the bridesmaids wear different dresses all the same color. A common color to do this in is black, Erekson said.

    A current trend sometimes done in bridesmaid”s dresses is to buy matching patterns instead of dresses. This is not the best idea if matching dresses is the goal.

    “The same patterns will not turn out identical,” Weight said. “They will be the same color and the same pattern, but not the same quality.”

    Because there are so many different styles and varieties, bridesmaid”s dresses are very feminine and very fun, Weight said.

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