Cell phones showcase individuality


    By Tiffany Palmer

    It talks, it surfs the Web and it even plays your favorite song. No it is not a computer — it is the popular technology of cell phones.

    So many different styles, plans and accessories are available in cell phones. It is easy to find a cell phone to fit individual interests and needs.

    “I just have a generic Motorola phone that is one of the cheaper ones on the market,” said Jared Bourgeois an accounting major from Texas. “It”s not a flashy, dashy, welcome to Vegas type phone.”

    Reasons for having a cell phone are many. Each individual person owns a cell phone for multiple purposes.

    “Lifestyle necessitates one,” said Bourgeois. “I own my own business and I use it a lot for social life. It is an inconvenience to not have one.”

    Cell phones seem to be taking over for landlines for many people.

    “I don”t have a home phone and it”s cheaper to call my parents because I have night and weekend minutes,” said Jackie Hansen an exercise science major from Texas.

    Some cell phones are appealing for the many accessories that come with them. Faceplates can be different colors. They can have colored screens. They can even ring with the tune of a hit song.

    Hansen said she has a newer model of a Nokia phone and she chose it because you can change the face covers and it has a lot of add-ons.

    “It had a lot of add-ons like an alarm clock, radio and internet,” Hansen said. “It”s also really light and durable.”

    BYU students say one of the most popular styles of cell phones on the market right now is the flip phone.

    Silver flip-phones are one of the most popular said Joanna Chung a pre-management major from Canada.

    “I am switching plans in June and I am switching to a flip-phone,” Chung said.

    Beside the fun side of cell phones are the plans that go along with them. Cell phones are purchased for this factor alone.

    Picking a cell phone may simply be because of the plan or the convenience. It oftentimes has nothing to with the style or flare of the phone.

    “My parents got the phone for me initially for me to keep in contact and it was on a family plan,” Bourgeois said.

    Bryan Bradley, faculty development coordinator said he bought his cell phone because of the plan, which allows him to us it anytime.

    “I use it most for personal calls and family calls,” Bradley said.

    Styles of cell phones constantly change. A plan, style and accessories are available for every need.

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