Auditions open for the Mormon Miracle Pageant


    By Tiffany Palmer

    Auditions for the Mormon Miracle Pageant will be held Wednesday and Thursday, May 26 and 27, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Manti Stake Center.

    Audition callbacks will be Friday from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. at the Manti Tabernacle. The finalizing of the cast and costume fittings for the performance will be Saturday 9 a.m. until noon at the stake center. The first rehearsal will begin promptly on June 1.

    “The beauty of this is that it happens in two weeks,” Agren said. “It”s quite an efficient thing.”

    Thousands of people visit Manti where the LDS temple sits to see the production of the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

    “It”s fun because you could be a pioneer family coming across the plains in one scene and then everybody, the entire cast, gets to reenact the ”Christ visiting the Americas scene,”” Darlene Agren, advertising chairman said.

    Auditions are open to every one of all ages and individual parts are sometimes cast to multiple people so it is not a necessity to attend rehearsals every night. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult to be involved, according to Jorgensen. The adult does not have to be a parent, just someone who can be responsible for the child.

    There is room for everyone according to Agren. It is not very often that they turn anyone away. Pageant historian Merilyn Jorgensen said most of the scenes are big group scenes so there is room for lots of people.

    One of the most popular parts to try out for, according to Jorgensen, is the angel choir.

    “The girls can”t wait to get to mutual age so they can be an angel,” Jorgensen said.

    Another for the boys is to be a warrior. They also have to wait until mutual age to be warriors according to Jorgensen.

    People can also be involved with technical work, interpreting for foreign languages, and ushering. These parts are volunteer and do not require an actual audition.

    “A lot of the times these are returned missionaries,” Agren said.

    The pageant is widespread and is attended by audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.

    “I have been to the pageant multiple times and gotten something different out of it every time,” said Brian Springer from Orem majoring in history.

    Agren also says that the pageant is a tool for missionary work as well as a strengthening tool for members of the LDS church.

    The pageant is very popular and meaningful to not only those who attend, but also to those who perform according to Jorgensen.

    “Being in the pageant is a unique experience,” Jorgensen said. “It is more than just being in a play. It”s a wider production.”

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