Faculty rivalry heads up on the lanes


    By Roxanne Truesdell

    The Father Lunch League offers faculty the chance to gather from all corners of campus.

    During the summertime, a league of ten teams – two players each – gathers on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. for a little inter-department rivalry in the facility management department.

    “It offers a chance for them to get together once a week and bond,” league coordinator Charlotte Clark said. “It seems to work really well. They encourage each other and playfully tease each other. It”s fun.”

    Larry Fairbank, Managing Director of Management Facilities, started the league a few semesters ago. His son, Kirt, who works in vending services, noticed an article that the Y News – a faculty newsletter – ran about how the bowling alley came up with the idea for Faculty Lunch League. When Kirt and his father showed up to play, only five teams were there and it was not very big. Fairbank had the idea to have a specific league for facility management, which consists of two groups: auxiliary maintenance and facility service. They promoted it so much that it filled the bowling alley.

    “It”s an absolute riot, particularly against the guys we work with,” Fairbank said. “We”ve pulled two groups together in order to gain personal relationships in addition to the work relationships they have.”

    The league is home to a variety of family teams as well. They have had two brothers on a team, a husband and wife team, and a few father/son teams – including Fairbank and his son Kirt. Bowlers mostly come from the management facilities faculty, but other faculty members are also welcome in the 12:30 p.m. league offered only during the fall and winter semesters.

    A few women play in the league. They use handicap bowling, which helps the women to be at a level playing field with the men.

    “My incentive in playing is to get a better score each time I play,” said Debbie Shumway, a custodial worker at Helaman Halls. “I have seen a major improvement in my playing.”

    The Faculty Lunch League offers competitive fun. Each team has a creative name, and schedules are posted so that each team knows who they are playing each week. The trash talking starts the Monday before they play each week. Teams even have matching t-shirts to show how serious the league is.

    “To be able to hang out with other BYU employees is the best part, and to get to know a lot of them,” said Jason Carter, member of the Auxiliary Maintenance. “I don”t know a lot of them, and it gives me a chance to get to know them.”

    Kirk Evans and Glenn Smith, Marketing Directors for Student Auxiliary Service, are fully engaged in this competition because of the trophies that are handed out at the end of each term.

    “We got third place last term, and my partner [Glenn] said he won”t talk to me ever again if we don”t get first, every week,” Evans said. “We are first, tied with three others this week. Hopefully we can keep it like that.”

    In the fall and winter semesters, the leagues are in high demand, so there are usually two faculty leagues. The biggest objective for the teams is to build relationships within departments.

    “If anything, we”d love to see this expand to other departments around the university,” Evans said. “This is a chance for a real bonding relationship experience.”

    Students can also join in on this competition as student summer leagues start June 1. Student leagues consist of four-member teams and will meet on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Sign-ups are in the Games Center on the bottom floor of the Wilkinson Center.

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