Utility benefits extended for military personnel


    By Allison Tiek

    Families of military personnel called to duty in the Iraq war continue to have their utility bills waived.

    Lindon City Council approved the request to extend fee waivers that excuse the families of military personnel from paying certain utility account fees while a family member serves in Iraq.

    The council considered the fee waivers to be the best alternative for helping the residents struggling financially.

    “[The council] felt this is a good way to show support for the men and women who are serving our country,” said Venla Gubler, Lindon administrative clerk. “For many families, it was their breadwinner who left for war.”

    The fee waivers were set originally approved a year and a half ago and were to expire at the beginning of this year.

    Because of the positive affect on the families, the council extended the fee waivers Tuesday night to cover until those serving in Iraq return home.

    In Lindon, there are more than 12 families who have benefited from these fee waivers.

    “The families were very appreciative of any financial help and they appreciate the thought that the city is willing to help,” Mayor Larry Ellertson said.

    Fees will not be imposed immediately for those who returned home this week. They may be covered under the fee waiver until the end of the month.

    “Lindon was the very first city to propose and implement the fee wavier to support the troops” families financially,” Gubler said. “We sent our plan for the fee waivers to other cities after they heard what we were doing to help our citizens.”

    Surrounding cities followed Lindon”s example in efforts to show support for the families living in their cities.

    At least 27 cities in Utah have implemented this type of program. Fee waivers for each family range from $50 to $125 per month depending on the city.

    Utilities covered in the fee waiver include drinking water, sewer and trash collection.

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