Improved landscape north of campus


    By Cortney Critchfield

    A new and improved landscaped area is underway where the old canal north of campus flowed.

    In order to help with Utah”s statewide effort in conserving water, BYU decided to cover the canal this past January.

    The old canal was created for the purpose of irrigation. In order to conserve more water from evaporating and seeping back into the ground, the canal was put into underground pipes.

    With the canal now gone, many people are concerned about what will happen to the area where they once enjoyed a view of the canal. Citizens of the community who do not want to see the area changed have expressed many complaints. According to the Director of Grounds Maintenance at BYU, Roy Peterman, these citizens have no need to worry.

    “Their concern about the canal is short-sided,” Peterman said. “The new look that they are going to see is going to be very, very delightful. There will be two ponds a stream, a waterfall, burmbed areas, walking paths; it will be much nicer than the old canal.”

    To help make sure that no excessive water is used for the ponds, a plan was devised where there is no additional water that will be used. The water for the ponds will come from the outgoing cooling water from Heritage Halls and will be recycled through the ponds and streams.

    For those who may worry about the ducks that so frequently visited the canal, the new ponds will ease their concerns. The ducks that so often visit the area will now have a permanent place to stay.

    For the past few months the construction process has been difficult for many BYU students who park at the Marriott Center “Y” parking lot, as they have had to trek across the muddy area in the rain and snow in order to get to their classes.

    For a few weeks, the streetlights, also removed for reconstruction, required patience of both students and traffic as they waited for their turn to go.

    The passageway that was once muddy and frustrating for many is now cleaned up and new cement has been poured. The streetlights are now working, making the way more accessible for all individuals involved.

    Already the landscaping is underway. New grass has been put in and bushes and shrubs are planted, making it more pleasant to look at than the pile of dirt and mud that so many are used to seeing each day. Although there are still areas that have piles of dirt, it should not be long before it is all cleaned up and the new landscaping will be in.

    The construction has been going on since January and plans to continue until the project is completed at the end of May.

    The canal has already been beneficial to areas that were in need of the water, stated Carri Jenkins in a press release.

    “The Riverside Country Club, the Utah State Hospital and some city parks are now able to more effectively use water from the canal,” Jenkins stated.

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