Students lament studying on Easter weekend


    By Cari Thomas

    With the end of the semester sneaking in the back door, many students are finding that they will have to spend their Easter holiday hitting the books rather than hitting the Cadbury eggs.

    “I was hoping to spend time with my family, but it looks like I”ll be staying here in Provo, trying to squeeze as much knowledge into my brain as possible,” said Lindsay Jacobson, a sophomore studying business, from Las Vegas.

    This sentiment seems to be a common trend across campus as finals are coming closer and closer. A survey of 20 students taken on campus by The Daily Universe revealed four out of five students will be spending their Easter holiday in a way contrary to their traditions and preferences.

    “Of course I would rather be with my family, hunting for Easter eggs and celebrating Christ”s resurrection, but right now I”m a student, and my studies have to take priority,” said Amber Simons, a junior studying nutrition, from Charlotte, N.C.

    The majority of students surveyed said they prefer not to study on Sundays at all, but with professors trying to make the most out of the last two days of class, many students will need to study some in order to be prepared for their workloads this week.

    “Some of my professors are having us take our finals the last day of class,” said Megan Duffy, a junior studying social work, from Cameron Park, Calif. “So this Sunday will be a study day.”

    On the other hand, some students plan to travel to see family and friends for the holiday.

    “While school is important, family holidays are even more important to me,” said Elise Cannon, a sophomore studying biology, from Highlands Ranch, Colo.

    Nine out of 10 surveyed students expressed a desire to leave their schooling behind for the holiday, but seven out of 10 students said their conscience would be too heavy if they did so.

    “This is a crucial time, classes are ending and finals are beginning,” said Nick Bernard, a senior studying marketing, from Springville. “I”ve worked too hard this semester to risk letting it all go right now, even for mom”s Easter dinner.”

    Yet some students are determined that school is not all about finals.

    “School is nice, but I”m getting straight A”s anyways – so I can afford to take the holiday off and do the whole Easter shebang,” said Anderson McLeob, a junior studying biophysics, from Vienna, Va. “Plus it”s the end of the semester, and I”m so done with studying.”

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