Proud to be a Republican


    The author of “Vote along gospel lines” essentially accused me and other students of blindly voting based upon our political heritage. He negated the fact that there are plenty of us who have investigated our political ideologies and beliefs, balanced with gospel principles, who vote along Republican lines.

    You claimed in your article to be an independent, yet you so fiercely attacked George Bush that I can hardly believe that you are not a liberal. If you were educated about Bush and his policies at all, you would not be nearly so critical. I should know — I have been his constituent and supporter, in Texas as my governor and now as the president of my country, for over seven years now.

    You can hardly claim that because I vote along Republican lines, which seem to hold to my gospel and personal values well, that I am ignorant. I was educated in the public school system in over seven different states that preached liberal and democrat values. I have had friends to address every side of a political argument, more often the liberal ideals than the Republican.

    I, however, have read George Bush’s biography. I have examined his voting records. I understand his values and the reasoning behind his decisions, and I am quite proud to call him my president. To me, he is a Captain Moroni, standing up for the values that I believe in. When corrupt tyrannists rule, commit genocide and all sorts of other horrible atrocities, and pose a serious threat to the security of another nation, they must be toppled. Bush has done this.

    When vocal and loud minorities seek to impose their will upon the majority by ignoring rule of law — a vital piece to our constitution — as they have in San Francisco and around the nation with the allowance of gay marriage, then someone must stand against it. Bush has done this. He has held to my expectations and even exceeded them in dealing with difficult issues not often faced by past presidents. If he wanted to play middle of the road politics, he would have taken both sides of every issue as Kerry (and his voting record) has done. But he hasn’t. He sticks up for the views of the religious and value-driven majority even when others, especially the minorities, openly censure him.

    It is time you started investigating the real facts. You may find that your opinions are based more upon your political heritage as a liberal than you thought.

    Hannah Crabb

    San Antonio, Texas

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