Viewpoint: Where is your faith, in The Science or The Lord?


    William Bradshaw recently presented results of research that he says show a link between biological factors and homosexuality. I cannot believe that this type of research was conducted at a church sponsored university. In the welfare session of General Conference in November of 1980 President Kimball addressed the same issue as Dr. Bradshaw, yet the Prophet said something completely opposite.

    President Kimball spoke “frankly and boldly” against homosexuality, and called arguments like Professor Bradshaw’s blasphemous. He said that the argument “God made me this way” is a rationalization to excuse perversion. We understand, as I’m sure President Kimball did, that there are many people that struggle with same sex attraction. Hopefully they are trying to overcome this burden. We can acknowledge this type of affliction but we can never justify it by using scientific evidence. In his talk President Kimball stated, “Is man not made in the image of God, and does he think God to be “that way”?” The answer is obvious. We all have agency and can choose what we will believe; yet our first allegiance should to the Lord and his prophets.

    Rick Doane

    Boston MA

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