Viewpoint: follow the cat


    While we squirm about bare feet, gay marriage, “under God” and 9/11 hearings, I want to draw attention to a topic that is more important than them all – the notorious white cat. If you haven’t seen him/her, then that is because you are paying too much attention to the fleshy shoe-ridden feet in front of you. This cat roams the BYU campus, frolicking amongst the green of spring. One can clearly recognize this cat, whom we will call Sam (being short for Samantha, if a girl), by his/her distinct raccoon-like tail and large black spot on his/her left side.

    We should all try to emulate this carefree cat. I believe that he/she may be the epitome of the inner restless, book-possessed undergraduate here at BYU. At one time Sam was laying in the dirt under the tree nearest the Twilight Zone, basking in the sunlight that peaked through every once in a while. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Sam began to roll around in the dirt; obviously enjoying himself/herself. We should all take this as an example and realize that sometimes one just needs to roll around in the dirt (not a metaphor for sin).

    The rough cords that bind the human intelligence at the end of the winter semester, appear to have a suffocating hold on some at BYU. We should all strive to be like Sam; chill out and enjoy the weather (even though it may mean more drought).

    Ashleigh Redfearn

    Cape Girardeau, MO

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