Trivial things


    Do we have nothing better to do at BYU than try to find ways to show other students that we are more righteous than them? I am writing in response to letter to the editor that condemned a student to the telestial kingdom for studying on the grass barefoot, “Barefoot blunders.” If there is actually something in the Honor Code that states that you shouldn’t be able to do that, it needs to be changed (I suspect that if there is something in the Honor Code relating to the wearing of shoes, it is because of safety reasons and not moral ones).

    There is nothing spiritual or morally wrong with kicking off your sandals while you enjoy the nice spring weather. It is not a sin. When I see a girl’s ankles, I sure don’t get any impure thoughts in my mind and I don’t think that the girl needs to go and repent to her bishop. So why can’t we just stop trying to be so self-righteous and point out everything that is wrong with other people, especially when there is nothing wrong with the thing that we are pointing out? Maybe if we started to use that gift that we have been given, namely the Holy Ghost, we would realize how little trivial things like this matter, or realize that they don’t matter at all.

    Craig Robison

    Las Vegas

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