Thanksgiving in the Spring


    The weather is beautiful and no one is in class, or if they are, they can’t concentrate. After struggling through a long, cold January, then trudging through a not-short-enough February – after all it was leap year – we are now in March. The days have grown longer and the weather warmer. So what are we complaining about? We need a few days off to enjoy it.

    Admit it, when the weather is this nice, no one wants to go to class, no one wants to do homework and no one can stand the testing center. Everyone wanders around feeling guilty – they want to be outside playing, but the not too distant call of finals is in their ears. What is the solution to this problem? We need a spring break.

    Every other university in North America takes a full week. Surely BYU can take two or three days. At least an extended weekend. We don’t need to go to Fort Lauderdale to a beach party. We don’t even need to go to St. George. All we want is a few days in the sun. I know that we have a trimester system and that we need to have graduation before the end of April, but surely there is a better way. If we were to take a poll, I guarantee 98 percent of the campus would vote for a spring break.

    How about starting one day earlier in January, doing away with a reading day and shaving off a day of finals. Anything to give us a break. Fall semester has Thanksgiving vacation to save us from going crazy. Surely we can have a long weekend in March – Thanksgiving II, if you will. A few days away from class would make us whole again.

    Julie Cameron


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