Television, statistics and homosexuality


    Dear Brother Bradshaw and others,

    I was concerned by the article in the newspaper titled “Professor gives scientific evidence of homosexuality.” There were two underlying assumptions in the article that I would like to address. First, the quote that “Biology absolutely has a role in causing homosexuality.” In my trusty statistics 221 book on page 121 it says “association does not imply causation.” Put plainly, just because two factors increase or decrease together, it doesn’t mean that one causes the other. The book gives the example that the number of televisions in a household has a positive correlation with the life expectancy of the family. But who would say that your television caused you to live longer? Obviously the explanation is that the number of televisions reflects the relative affluence of the family and thus their ability to receive adequate health care. So the fact that homosexual women tend to have longer finger-length – one of the correlations stated in the article – doesn’t mean that homosexuals are born that way and their biology “causes” it to be so.

    Secondly, the article stated, “It is virtually impossible for these people to change their orientation, despite their righteous lifestyle.” An appeal to the scriptures and modern prophets teaches us that we can change through the gospel of Jesus Christ. No hurt is too great, no harm so irreversible. Truly our Savior can change our hearts if we come unto him and plead for that balm in Gilead. I hope that those who have “felt to sing the song of redeeming love” can share with others the hope that repentance and the atonement are realities. Hopefully we may be able to stand against the increasing tide of evil so that we may come off conqueror.

    Jordan Fowers


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