Follow the yellow brick buildings


    We have always been told “variety is the spice of life.” Variety is a good thing, but apparently the BYU administration does not agree. Careful observers will notice that BYU possesses an over abundance of yellow brick buildings. Everywhere you look yellow fills your eyes, the MARB, WILK, SWKT, JKHB, TMCB, etc. Not only do the outdated 70’s style buildings exist, but new structures continue to be erected using the same, evil, lifeless brick. This needs to stop.

    Does someone in the BYU administration owe a favor to a yellow brick manufacturer? Where does the yellow brick come from? Sure there is something to be said for consistency, but this visual monotony is ridiculous.

    The Museum of Fine Arts and the Tanner building are visually appealing because of the modern architectural design and materials used. One would think that with the money spent on the Indoor practice facility and the Student Athlete Building that new buildings would look new. Unfortunately the sterile brick continues to multiply.

    As students we must unite to end this yellow bricked tyranny. Our voices must be heard. Let us help the administration come up with new building materials and more innovative designs. If we work together, we can add necessary variety to our otherwise wonderful campus.

    Brittany Karford

    Evergreen, Colo.

    Brynn MacLennan

    Lethbridge Alberta, Canada

    Matthew A. Martinez


    Bart Frandsen

    Lake Forest, Calif.

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