Atonement can save everyone


    In response to the article, “Professor gives scientific evidence of homosexuality,” I want to openly voice my disapproval for his case as it was presented in The Daily Universe. Granted, I did not attend his lecture; therefore, I could not hear his views in person. I do, however, feel that the evidence was presented in an over-simplistic manner and failed to address the major issue behind his proposed theory concerning homosexuality.

    While there is certainly evidence to support a biological origin for homosexuality, one cannot sustain that biology is its sole source any more than a biological disposition towards alcohol causes one to be an alcoholic. As another example, does the physical makeup of a born athlete cause him to be a star basketball if he only sits in his room reading books? In the words of R.C. Friedman and J. Downey, two experts on neuropsychiatry, “the concept of substantial heritability should not be confused In addition, Dr. Robert Spitzer at Columbia University, a former supporter of the unchangeability of homosexuality, found that 66 percent of homosexuals in his study, after therapy and five years of the heterosexual lifestyle were, in his terminology, in “good heterosexual functioning.” Despite critics’ claims of bias, the numbers speak for themselves.

    This information comes from both professional journals and an article by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. I firmly believe that the atonement of Christ can bring anyone peace. We are all given crosses to bear, and often, they are quite burdensome. Christ has “overcome the world.” I do have something in common with Dr. Bradshaw on this matter. I also firmly believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ.

    Russell Stevenson

    Afton, WY

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