Love the sinner, hate the sin


    In the Thursday opinions page, there was an interesting letter to the editor, which was entitled “Gays are our brothers.” While I agree with the assertion that homosexuals are our brothers and we should still love them as such, I must question the writer’s assumptions regarding the issue. Remember, love the sinner and hate the sin, and this is a very serious and evil sin.

    The author said, it is wrong to “demonize homosexuals or the love that they have for each other.” Isn’t one of the strongest of Church policies essentially that? Not demonizing homosexuals themselves but the practice of homosexuality and “the love that they have for each other.”

    Homosexuality is unnatural and wrong. By legalizing gay marriage we are saying that we think it is as acceptable as natural marriage, which it is not. Furthermore, by legalizing it we are even encouraging people in their unnatural practices.

    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah and what happened to their encouragement of homosexuality?

    Nathan Jones


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