Viewpoint: Look good, but stay out of my closet


    By Veeda Ware

    My sister”s boyfriend wears concealer. He also gets manicures and washes his highlighted hair with salon shampoo.

    The boy doesn”t walk around in Paper Denim jeans or carry the latest “man purse” by Louis Vutton, but does believe in hygiene maintenance. Gone are the days when the cool boys wore dirty flannel and reeked of Phish and Rusted Root. Now they shower daily with scented soap and wax body hair by “manscaping”.

    I used to find these behaviors amusing and quirky, till I discovered a new opponent in the sport I like to call shopping: the metrosexual.

    As a tall female, I can intimidate other shoppers away (back off girl, this aisle is mine), but my height also leaves me at a disadvantage. Longer sizes are harder to come by and disappear quickly.

    During one particular shopping spree, I just scored a find of Miss Sixty jean blazers– on sale! As I scanned the racks for my size, I noticed an equally tall opponent approaching from the side. This challenger was ignoring all of my territorial vibes and had the nerve to look through my selections. We dueled a silent battle of fast flipping, till a-ha! I emerged victorious and grabbed a blazer in the correct size.

    Looking over, I prepared to throw a “sorry-better-luck-next-time” smirk, but my arrogance froze in place when I noticed my rival wasn”t the usual shopping contestant–it was a guy.

    I”ve heard of men wearing women”s fashion, but thought they only existed in far off places like San Francisco and New York. I don”t know what shocked me the most–that a guy was actually browsing through women”s clothing in Utah, or that I was tempted to ask where he bought his jeans.

    Mr. GQ found a blazer in his size, and proceeded to try it on over his Ramones T-shirt. It flattered him rather well. Glancing down at my once triumphant find, I solemnly surrendered it back on the rack. I was defeated. I couldn”t compete with such a champ. The blazer looked better on him.

    The metrosexual style appealed to me up until it started to cramp my style. Not only do women dress nice to attract guys, but now we compete with them in malls as well.

    Maybe this is how men feel when we invade their wardrobe. When Avril Lavigne brought the tie back, I thought it was cute. Now, after walking in the other half”s shoes, I see it”s much more complicated.

    My stores, salon and yoga classes have been invaded by the opposite sex. I”m willing to share beauty products, gym programs and even small talk over a pedicure, but please–for the sake of fashion, stay out of my closet.

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