Rivalry is good, but don’t overkill


    I am a really big fan of the cougars and I loved the game on Monday. I was so excited and happy for the victory of our great basketball team. My husband, daughter and I were screaming and kissing each other each time we got points, celebrating with the thousands of other BYU fans at the Marriott Center. But unfortunately after the game I saw a “young BYU lady” make a fool of herself and show poor sportsmanship when she confronted a group of the Utah fans standing outside the stadium.

    She and some of her friends began to scream in their faces, calling them losers, among other really offensive comments. I couldn’t believe a girl would do that, apparently to show that she was really cool to her friends, who were laughing at the spectacle. Fortunately for the girls, the U Fans did not react in an offensive or aggressive manner towards them. I think that we, as a part of a university with high standards should not, or better yet, can not let this kind of behavior be part of our example towards other people visiting our campus. I know the “U” students and fans are our rivals during the game, but we are people after all, and we have to behave like that and not like animals. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven”.

    Karina Cardenas Woodbury

    Cuautitlan Izacalli, Mexico

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