Revise bus routes


    A lot of BYU students use buses to go to school. Buses are necessary for students who don’t have cars. It is sometimes inconvenient to take buses in the winter. Students have to wait for the buses for a long time and students who live in the ELC because they have to walk for 15 minutes to ride a bus to the BYU campus.

    Changes could be made. First, the time schedule should be changed so that buses could be on time. Bus schedules are confusing now and buses usually come late. The bus company should revise bus schedules. If the bus schedules were changed, we could ride the bus without waiting for long time. For example, they can recalculate the time between bus stops and make accurate bus schedules, or the bus can come in advance and wait for a while until the leaving time.

    Second, the bus stops should be increased and we need a bus stop in front of the ELC. If we have a bus stop in front of the ELC, ELC students can get to BYU campus a lot easier. It gives us more opportunities to use BYU. For example, we can attend BYU classes and go to BYU library more occasionally, and we can go to the BYU bookstore anytime we want.

    It would be more convenient if we could take bus anytime we want. We can take buses more easily if they come on time, and if there is a bus stop in front of the ELC. By changing bus schedules and bus stops, more students would be able to use buses more conveniently.

    Emi Nagasaka

    Nagano, Japan

    *Editor’s note: I’m not sure what the ELC is or where it is located. It may stand for the English Learning Center or English Language Center??

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