Fans should still represent the church at games


    I recently attended the BYU-Utah basketball game Monday night, and I was quite disappointed in some BYU students. I got my all-sport pass ticket a few days before the game, so I was sitting in the upper bowl [where people can cheer for the opposing team if they want]. It just so happened that I was sitting next to a few hard-core Utah fans and they were quite loud and some would say a little obnoxious.

    I didn’t really have a problem with them; they were just cheering for the team they liked. The reaction, however, from the BYU fans sitting around them wasn’t very “appropriate” for a BYU student. I hate to say it, but they were making fun of and directly attacking the Utah fans for “cheering too loud” and for wearing earrings [they were boys]. Now, basketball games are supposed to be fun, and there is supposed to be crazy cheering going on, but aren’t we supposed to love and not judge others, especially as BYU students?

    In fact, a similar thing happened at the BYU-Stanford football game this past fall. An avid Stanford alumni went to the game and asked one of the employees selling drinks if she could have a caffeinated-coke. The employee said yes, but they were kept in the back. When this fan received her coke and opened it, it sprayed all over her. The drink was definitely shaken up a lot for this much soda to come out. After a few BYU fans came into the Stanford Alumni section and screamed in her husband’s and her face, this couple vowed never to come back to Provo again.

    I hate to bring out the “tuition subsidized by tithing card,” but come on, the church is sponsoring us to go to college. What kind of message are the representatives of the Lord’s university sending to these other good, non-LDS people?

    Scott Stevenson


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