The Honor Code should be blind


    I will openly admit that I always have been a die-hard University of Utah fan athletically my entire life but I chose to attend BYU because of the lifestyle that the honor code offers me. I had many other friends who also wanted the Honor Code lifestyle but barely missed out with grades. I do not care who someone is — whether they are an athlete, male or female, LDS or non-LDS because we all signed the same Honor Code, and we all need to live by it.

    This is a church-run school and we do not live in a double-standard church. Athletes should not get off easy just because they bring money into our school. If anything, they should remember that they represent BYU and the LDS religion across the nation. I do believe in repentance, but I also believe no one should be given special care. My message to everyone out there is: If you do not want to live by the Honor Code, then leave and let someone else in that wants to.

    Tyson Horrocks


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