Secret Spots to Snooze


    By Michael Platt

    With midterms well underway, it is not uncommon to see sleep-deprived students conked out and drooling on their textbooks.

    In an effort to assist the readers of this article find more comfortable locations, here is a compilation of the best napping spots on campus. These answers have all come from you, the loyal Daily Universe readers.

    Most students were more than willing to share their favorite nap spots, while Mike Murff, a graduate student studying public policy, was reluctant, comparing his napping spots to state secrets.

    “Good sleeping spots are few and far between,” he said. “This is a very anti-nap campus. Other universities, such as the U of U, have big, soft couches. Here you have to scrap for the good spots.”

    Before announcing what the “good spots” are, one disclaimer must first be presented. The research — though as random as a convenience sample in several buildings on campus can be — should not be taken as the only possible answer to this incredibly valuable question. A statistician did not write this article and, therefore, the results may not be all-encompassing.

    Whew … with that said, here is an outline of the study.

    The survey was conducted by personal interview of students who didn”t appear to be too busy; students who appeared to be busy, but not hurrying away; and basically to anyone who appeared to not be napping.

    One hundred percent of the more than two dozen students interviewed answered the survey — discounting, of course, inanimate objects such as coat racks and life-sized cardboard cutouts that may have momentarily confused the interviewer.

    Without further ado, here is the top 10 list of best napping spots on campus:

    10. Wilkinson Center (open areas)

    9. “Wherever I drop”

    8. HFAC fifth floor

    7. Law Library

    6. Under the display cases in the JSB and the BNSN Buildings

    5. JKHB hallway

    4. The Memorial Hall (WSC)

    3. HBLL girls” bathroom couches (every floor)

    2. In class

    1. The HBLL periodicals section

    Other locations worthy of honorable mention are “locked in an HFAC piano room,” and the Morris and Cannon Center couches in front of the big-screen televisions.

    Only five of those interviewed replied that they had never slept on campus. All of them were female. One was new to BYU, one lives in on-campus housing, one said she is too uncomfortable to sleep in public, one said she would feel too irresponsible, and one was a professor — though she mentioned that many of her colleagues nap in their offices (given away by that dang red mark on their foreheads).

    Most of the students expressed their passion about sleeping on campus.

    “I”m down with people sleeping on campus,” said Jeff Ehlers. “It”s a long walk home just to take a nap.”

    Alysha Waldron, a senior majoring in marriage, family and human development, said she likes to sleep in the Memorial Hall.

    “It”s quiet and I can sleep on the floor because it”s usually clean,” she said.

    With the aid of this article, perhaps nappers will be able to regenerate their strength, avoid extensive textbook water damage and maybe even do better on their midterms. The benefits of a good power-nap may never truly be known.

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