The letter asking why people think sports is more important that anything else pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t remain silent any longer. Of course the athletics buildings are going to dwarf every other building on campus. Every prestigious football program has an indoor practice facility. It is priceless in recruiting. If BYU doesn’t have world-class facilities, it doesn’t have world-class recruits. Besides, what professor is going to bring in the 65,000, 22,000, or even 6,000 people that fill our stadiums?

    Also, of course coaches are going to be paid more than professors. They deserve more. The average attendance of basketball games has doubled since Steve Cleveland took over the reigns and is top 10 in the nation in attendance. That’s millions of dollars a year. Every football game on TV is hundreds of thousands of dollars at least and a BCS bowl bid would land the university millions of dollars.

    Jason Jones

    Rochester Hills, Mich.

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