You’re not being picked on, Speedo man


    Dear male swimmer, who wrote “Free male swimmers” – I’m so sorry that you are being asked to follow a dress code that might reduce comfort for you. Despite the fact that as a woman I have followed a dress code my entire life that dramatically reduced my comfort.

    Objects such as tank tops or sleeveless dresses, which some might perceive as a woman trying to get attention for her body, are really just a matter of comfort to most. Especially when living in an area of high heat and humidity, a tank top is a simple way of cooling off, and wearing a dress without sleeves is simply a way of making movement easier during a formal dance. Despite our desires for comfort, a majority of us women here at BYU continue to wear sleeves on our shirts and high necks lines on our dresses. Why do we do this? Because we understand that, even if it decreases our comfort, our modesty and respect for our bodies is more important.

    Speedos are disgusting and revealing. Sacrifice your comfort for your modesty for once in your life. If you have such a great desire to wear a Speedo, join the swim team.

    Rachel Davis

    San Diego, Calif.

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