I feel the love at BYU


    If there’s one place in the world that I could choose to be right now, it would be BYU. Everyday I get up without knowing what will happen on campus and everyday I return home with new memories that I will forever keep. And it makes me wonder, now that I’m almost done at BYU, why on earth didn’t I make more of my experience here? Well, that’s life and hopefully I’ve learned from my mistake.

    I love coming home at night and staying up late talking to my roommates, telling them about the people I met during the day, the amazing lectures I attended (even the Organic Chemistry ones that I didn’t understand), the laughs that I had and the smiles that people shared with me. Our campus is blessed; blessed by having a temple up the road and a Missionary Training Center on the grounds.

    Yeah, there’s something special about BYU. The thought of graduating doesn’t sound as wonderful as the thought of staying here. Yet, life moves on. Another entering class will come, and hopefully they’ll be more grateful than I ever was.

    My roommate Philip and I decided that if there was one message that we could give to the students, it would be to smile and say hello. It is such a small word, yet something seldom heard. Too many times we pass each other on the sidewalks without even a glance. To those who’ve shared their time here with us, even in passing; you’ve changed our lives and brightened our days.

    Mark N. Schwendiman


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