Free male swimmers


    I went swimming this morning – in trunks – and I asked a lifeguard on duty why men can’t wear swim suits, what are commonly known as Speedos, like everywhere else. He told me that it’s because that type of swimsuit is “form-fitting and revealing” (which also describes all of the women’s suits surrounding me while we spoke).

    Last time I checked, the BYU football team was still wearing tights, the cheerleaders were still wearing short skirts and hundreds of thousands of viewers across the nation gladly accept it. BYU swing dances actually sanction the wearing of short skirts by girls because it is deemed appropriate for the activity.

    When swimming laps, why not a Speedo, then? The kind lifeguard told me that Speedos make the girls feel uncomfortable. All of the preceding makes me feel uncomfortable, honestly, as does swimming slowly with trunks that always fall off from my waist. We can consistently enforce BYU’s standard of modesty better, perhaps, if we also have girls wear t-shirts and shorts over their swimming suits so that guys aren’t made to feel uncomfortable by their “form-fitting and revealing attire”. Oh wait, that’d be absurd!

    Free male swimmers!

    Garrett Gibbons

    Bainbridge Island, Wash.

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