MBA scholars receive Hawes award


    By Carrie Rowe

    The Marriott School awarded 10 MBA candidates the distinction of 2004 Hawes Scholars, the highest distinction given to MBA students at the school.

    The 2004 Marriott School Hawes Scholars are Brian Baker, Brent Dykes, John Higginson and Melissa Randall of Provo; Nathan Furr and Michael Hennessy of Boston, Mass.; Jessica Johnson of Lafayette, Calif.; Jason Marx of Hyde Park, Utah; Gretchen Olson of Paradise, Utah; and Whitney Seamons of New Canaan, Conn.

    The award, named for corporate executive Rodney A. Hawes Jr. and his wife Beverly, was created in 1998. It carries a $10,000 cash award that is made possible by the Hawes Endowment, a gift of more than $2 million to the Marriott School”s MBA program. Students and faculty nominate and vote on Hawes candidates, who are chosen for academic performance, leadership and high ethical standards.

    “Each student in the class of 2004 has contributed to the success of our MBA program,” said James Stice, MBA program director, in a press release. “However, the 10 individuals who were selected as Hawes Scholars stood out because of the extraordinary contributions they have made.”

    Hawes Scholars contributions included involvement in many student organizations. Whitney Seamons, a Hawes Scholar in marketing, served as the MBA Marketing Association vice-president, the CEO of the Marriott Alumni Shop, co-chair of the school social committee, a member of student government and worked closely with faculty and staff in the program.

    “We were focused on growing the business this year,” said Seamons of the Marriott Alumni Shop, created the previous year. “A team of eight of us worked together to make it a profitable venture.”

    Hawes Scholars also are looking toward success in the future. Seamons wants to fine-tune her skills in a Fortune 500 company with access to a myriad of resources in the marketing area.

    Jason Marx, a Hawes Scholar in finance, will be working for DaimlerChrysler, entering their leadership development program. Marx, who has owned and operated a small software and travel service company, looks forward to the opportunity of working in a big industry before pursuing further entrepreneurial ventures.

    Though aware of their contributions and success, the Hawes Scholars were extremely honored to have been chosen, and more interested in giving back to the Marriott School than receiving.

    Gretchen Olson, a Hawes Scholar in finance, said it would be difficult to describe what she had gained through the relationships and learning experiences she had in the MBA program. She hopes to use this knowledge to fulfill BYU”s aim of “enter to learn, go forth to serve.”

    “I would love to give back to the MBA program even a small percentage of what it has given to me,” Olson said.

    As for the cash award, students plan on spending wisely. House payments, investments, school loan relief and travel will jump-start the scholars” futures.

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