We expect more


    I would like to comment on the behavior of BYU fans toward former BYU player Daniel Bobik during Saturday night’s win over Oklahoma State in men’s basketball. In short, that behavior was classless.

    This young man, who was the object of loud boos and cat calls, is also a returned missionary who was sealed in the temple, has a young son (who happened to be in attendance at the game with Bobik’s wife), and seemingly has put the Lord first in his life. What an unfitting welcome back to Utah — especially for someone your paper referred to as “an old friend.”

    Because of Bobik’s athletic talent and his good character, people all over Oklahoma and around the Big 12 Athletic Conference are hearing about the church in the most positive way. Unlike the comfort of being a member of the church in Utah, he is under constant scrutiny here in Oklahoma.

    Because of Bobik, Oklahoma Latter-day Saints are being approached by non-member friends wanting to know more about the church rather than our having to find a way to bring up the church to them. Because of Bobik, the youth in our wards are seeing first hand that you can be a highly successful person by putting the Lord first. For those who attended the 9 a.m. fast and testimony meeting in the Stillwater Second Ward this morning, they were able to see an understandably tired young man who thought it was more important to be there and bear testimony of the Savior and of the restoration of His church than it was to take some well-deserved rest the day before final exams begin.

    I realize the crowd mentality takes over at athletic competitions. However, I really expected more from this crowd!


    Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Ph.D.

    Associate Prof. & Head, Special Collections & University Archives

    Puterbaugh Professor of Library Service

    Oklahoma State University

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