The worst thing about the U.N.


    The UN’s seeking power to become a world government, and it is definitely scary. I don’t care how good it starts out, having the whole world under one ruling body is ludicrous.

    Why should we? What is so wrong with having multiple nations that we need to seek to establish one world government? Is it the fact that people have a choice on where to live that bothers you?

    What happens if you are completely dissatisfied with the government? You can either leave Earth or declarewar on the entire world … gee, there’s two “wonderful” ideas that would go over real well.

    For those of you who say you could vote into office someone who feels the same way, good luck, and you are completely naive. When is the last time you voted for your UN representative? And even if there was a world government that was democratic, don’t you realize that even if all the people in countries that are a part of NATO voted against someone, they still could get elected? I can see it now — a law that all Third World citizens are not taxed, while all other citizens are taxed 50% (or more). Such a policy supported by a leader would guarantee election if the UN were a democracy, seeing how a majority of the people would not be taxed.

    The UN is just the latest manifestation of power hungry people seeking to deceive and take over the world. Granted, they are seeking it in a very clever manner. Also granted not everyone who supports the UN is power hungry, and not everyone who supports the UN seeks to deceive and take over the world. However, what would stop someone from doing so?

    The worst thing about the UN is that you would have no other choice of government. Taking away choice, especially in a matter so important as what system governs you, is definitely Satan’s plan.

    Sam Butler

    Twin Falls, Idaho

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