Bring in the plaid uniforms


    I have noticed the new advertising campaign the honor code office is running. As the campaign suggests, we obviously need some work on modesty. I saw a girl’s bare back the other day. I am still trying to recover from the “peek” of a girl’s bare belly I caught last week. Nothing is as destructive to a young man’s spirituality as seeing immodestly dressed BYU co-eds skimping around the campus.

    Come on, this is the Lord’s university, people. The way some girls dress here you would think it was Arizona State. This issue is so important it requires action! The action we must take is to require BYU girls to wear uniforms. Think what it would be like if all the girls wore plaid skirts and white blouses and had their hair in pigtails. That would be awesome! So many guys would really enjoy this policy. It would help us guys be a lot more spiritual because the girls would not be tempting us with their short shirts or their tight, form-fitting sweaters. Join the effort to stop immodesty. Say yes to uniforms!

    Micah Croft


    David Cornell


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