Red Cross honors local businesses for helping others


    By Francine Hughes

    Providing hot meals, snacks and drinks, even personal care items at a single moment”s notice, are some of the ways local businesses have met the needs of disaster victims and rescue workers.

    The Mountain Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross is hosting Partners in Our Community, an event recognize several local businesses for their relief efforts, today at 12 pm.

    “We feel it”s important to let the community know of the good that these companies and businesses are doing,” said Garr Judd, executive director of the Mountain Valley Chapter.

    McDonald”s, Sam”s Club, Neways and United Way are the four businesses recognized.

    McDonald”s is being recognized for frequently providing hot meals to rescue workers who worked long hours fighting fires or searching for people.

    “Sam”s Club is always generous in providing snacks and drinks, just at a single phone call,” said Judd.

    During the recent Hobble Creek fires, shampoo and other personal care products were provided to firemen to maintain cleanliness when taking a break from fighting the fire.

    “The Red Cross relies heavily on their sponsors,” said Cory Porter, Provo fire chief. “There are disaster events that are either long in duration or rather intense, we need their help.”

    In recent years, the Mountain Valley Chapter trained over 300 residents in disaster relief. However, it still relies on support from sponsors for much of their material relief, Judd said.

    The sole purpose for this private, non-profit organization is to provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Six paid staff and 536 volunteers run the Mountain Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

    Many members of the community have benefited from the Mountain Valley Chapter and its sponsors, while many of their acts have gone unnoticed by the community.

    “From hot chocolate, sport”s drinks and meals, it all helps in our rehab and gets us back out there to fight the fires,” Porter said.

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