Wireless Internet connections now available in library hubs

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    By Angela Ashby

    Students can now access wireless Internet connections on their laptops in the Harold B. Lee Library.

    The wireless connection allows students to connect to the campus network without using cables or wires.

    “There are three locations that are wired right now,” said Bill Lund, chair of library information systems.

    The business management section, periodical section and the area of the third floor past the general reference section are currently capable of wireless connectivity.

    Each area with wireless availability is called a hub. Each hub handles about 50 people. The periodical and business sections have two hubs.

    Brad Westwood, chair of L. Tom Perry Special Collections, said the reading room of Special Collections also has wireless access.

    The administration foresaw the technology as something students would benefit from.

    The wireless system eliminates users” stress of hauling cords to campus and finding open outlets.

    “This has been planned for a couple of years,” Lund said. “Several years back we were thinking about doing this.”

    Lund said the process of installing the wireless capability began six months ago.

    Lon Freeman, a junior majoring in accounting, has been using the wireless service all semester in the library and in the N. Eldon Tanner Building.

    “I heard about it this summer from my information systems class,” he said. “It”s really nice because I can use it in my classes in the Tanner building and also in the library,” he said.

    Lund said the general reference section will be the next area to get wireless access.

    “The general reference is what”s being worked on right now,” Lund said. “General reference is the next area to get it and we hope to have it done by the end of the semester.”

    The university community is slowly beginning to learn about wireless Internet services.

    “I will probably use it,” said Michelle Clark, a student majoring in Finance from Summit, N.J. She plans to buy a wireless card soon so she can access the Internet in class and while studying in the library.

    Wireless cards can be purchased at local electronic stores.

    The BYU Bookstore sells two different wireless cards, which can be purchased for $60 to $80.

    Employees and students can set up identification and passwords for wireless accessibility through the Office of Information Technology”s Web site.

    Lund said he hopes students will take advantage of the new technology.

    He said the master plan is to cover all of the public areas of the library.

    “Anywhere with major seating, the hope is to have wireless available,” he said.

    It may take a couple of years to get to that point, Lund said.

    Wireless network access is available in several campus buildings including the Administration Building, Fletcher Building, Harris Fine Arts Center (main floor gallery only), J. Rueben Clark Law Building, McDonald Building, Talmage Building, Tanner Building and Wilkinson Student Center (Ballroom and Garden Court).

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