College celebrates 50th anniversary


    By Jennifer Bigler

    The College of Engineering and Technology invites students and alumni to its 50th anniversary open house today at the Clyde Building.

    “This is an excellent opportunity for the student body and alumni to acquaint themselves with the excellent facilities and programs that the college of engineering and technology offers,” said Brian Hyatt, vice president of the department student council.

    The open house, hosted by the student council, will take place in the step down lounge of the Clyde Building from 1 to 5 p.m.

    Lynda Richmond, administrative assistant for the college, believes alumni will be surprised at the new developments in technology and research within the college.

    “The college has changed tremendously since the opening of the college 50 years ago. Much of the change in the College of Engineering and Technology occurred when we became the main recipient of last year”s Pace donation as we received millions of dollars in technology and software,” she said.

    The Pace donation gave BYU an in-kind gift of over $300 million. Since the major donators of the gift were companies involved in engineering and technology, such as General Electric, the college received donated technology and software programs.

    During the open house, alumni and students will have the opportunity to explore this new technology and improvements in the college.

    Richmond believes the attending alumni will benefit the students in the engineering and technology department.

    “Alumni have different insight for faculty in how to provide graduate students with the advice and skills they need. They can share this with them as to educate students in what to do after they leave BYU,” she said.

    “This is also a great opportunity for alumni to catch up on old friendships, like an informal reunion,” she said.

    Richmond said faculty and staff are anxious to show visitors the new additions and progress the college has made throughout the years.

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