Brand X presents sketch comedy


    By Jennifer Davis

    Brand X, a BYUSA comedy club formed last February, will be presenting political debate parodies and a broadcast skit titled “Eye on the Y” this Friday, Oct. 10 and Saturday, Oct. 11.

    “Our show will be really enjoyable for all ages,”said Fred Woolley, vice president of Brand X. “Even if you don”t go to BYU, you”ll still get our jokes.”

    The show is centered around television and mocks reality shows.

    “It”s all sketch comedy and all clean, my mom and my brother are coming,” said Joel Fox, president of the club.

    To be an official club, Brand X had to submit a club charter to BYUSA, promising to help students find a place where they belong while fulfilling the mission of the honor code.

    The club held auditions for the performers, but has decided that next month anyone can join. The club is for anyone who wants to be funny, Fox said.

    Woolley decided to get involved with the club after he had been in an improv-comedy class and needed a venue to perform in.

    “My favorite part is hearing the audience laugh at something I wrote,” Woolley said.

    “There is always something new everyday, some new idea, new thing, that will crack us all up,” said club member Holly Kapherr.

    Woolley said the club”s goal is to be original and enjoyable for all ages and types of people.

    The club practices about three times a week and has decided to start doing one show every month.

    “It”s the cheapest homecoming date you”ll have, so come laugh at those who don”t have dates,” Fox said.

    The show starts at 7 p.m. in room 205 of the law building, and is $3 for those dressed up for homecoming and $4 regularly.

    “We just want people to laugh and have a good time, because laughing is better than sit-ups,” Fox said.

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