Wal-Mart educates women about health


    By Francine Hughes

    SPRINGVILLE – Wal-Mart took action in a nation-wide event sponsored by many companies dedicated to educating women about their health.

    “We feel that it is important to educate women in making informed health decisions,” said Community Involvement Manager Kim Meranda.

    Throughout the store, various health and wellness professionals were handing out free information and products to educate women.

    “Speaking of Women”s Health” handed out free books and representatives from Mountain View Hospital performed checks for diabetes, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and body fat.

    Massage therapists, and representatives from local beauty salons were their giving free massages and makeovers.

    “We”ve had a lot going on, and we have been really excited about it,” Meranda said.

    The Vision Center at Wal-Mart also conducted eye exams free of charge.

    “This is an educational event that we want the women in the community to experience,” said Customer and Media Service Manager Barbara Giles.

    “Speaking of Women”s Health” is a national, non-profit foundation that has set up many events and opportunities for women across the country to learn more about their health.

    Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, Lifetime Television, Ensure, Lean Cuisine and others have joined together to empower women throughout the country. They have communicated to them through in-store education centers, and national health educational television in addition to network conferences featuring professional speakers in more than 30 markets Meranda said.

    Pamphlets and health packets will continue to be available in the store throughout the year about women”s health.

    This month, Lifetime television will be airing programs on Women”s Health during the weekends.

    Events are being scheduled Sep. 27 at The Salt Palace, where “Speaking of Women”s Health” will hold a convention for women throughout the state.

    “Women are the one”s who take care of their husbands and children,” Meranda said. “We want to be health care advocates for them.”

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