Emotional flag football begins


    By Bret Fitzgerald

    Flag football swings into full motion after teams play their first games this week.

    Many teams seemed surprised by the athletic skills some teams possessed, while others walked away with wins and optimistic views on the upcoming season.

    “I”m excited for the competition, because that”s what it”s all about,” said Martin Cooper, a 23-year-old construction management major. “You”re out there, and you”re on a team. You”re not winning for yourself; you”re winning for the team. When you have that team victory and you feel that sweet sensation through your body from head-to-toe, that”s what it”s all about.”

    Several teams devoted much time and practice to get ready to battle on the gridiron. In fact, many teams have waited quite some time for this opportunity.

    “Our team has been practicing since we were six years old for this moment, literally,” said D. Ross Storey, a 23-year-old senior. “We expect to walk away with the first division flag football T-shirt.”

    Defense won many games this weekend, and many students, such as Jesse Wood, a 24-year-old German major, said they enjoyed playing defense as opposed to offense.

    “If I knock a ball away from a receiver it feels really good,” Wood said.

    The first week of flag football is now complete and the season looks bright. Students say they are ready to endure a long, hard season and enjoy the competition.

    Flag football is conducted 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays on the intramural fields directly across from LaVell Edwards Stadium.

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