9/17 Editorial: Proper Admiration


    I too noticed the camera flashes as President Hinckley took the stand during President Samuelson’s inauguration. The flashes said a lot about BYU students: they know who their leaders are.

    We are constantly being chided for our irrational high regard of undeserving celebrities. I found it refreshing that those in attendance at the inauguration were in awe of someone more worthy of

    it. I do not believe that President Hinckley, or any other apostle, is going to fall into the trap of pride after a few camera shots. It is ignorant to think that these great men are capable of such juvenile behavior. If knowing that the Lord has chosen them to be the leaders of His church does not make them prideful, I hardly think that some innocent admiration from its members is going to do so.

    When Steve Young’s number was retired at the Georgia Tech football game, President Monson was received with an applause that lasted several minutes.

    Because of the reverence of most meetings these men conduct, we do not get the chance on a normal basis to thank them and show our support the way a large group does in our culture. While I’m sure the leaders of our church are fully aware of their importance, it is nice for the members to get those opportunities to show their appreciation.

    We are lucky enough to have such technology so that we do not have to rely solely on our memories to invite that spirit back. We are even luckier to go to a school where these so called “apostle sightings” are actually quite numerous. It is a foolish generation that seeks a sign, but one even more foolish that does not see these signs as wonderful.

    Lisa Williams

    Chino Hills, CA

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