President Monson speaks at CES fireside


    By Bryce Burger

    Salt Lake City — President Thomas S. Monson, of the First Presidency in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke to young adults, Sunday, Sept. 7, about three main decisions they need to make throughout their lives.

    “Decisions determine destiny,” he said.

    The first of these decisions was what will be my faith?

    President Monson admonished listeners to “study the scriptures” and to “put the teaching that we have been taught to the test” so we can make a decision on what our faith will be.

    “With knowledge we can make decisions,” President Monson said while speaking in the Conference Center.

    Second was the decision of who will I marry? This, he said, was “the most important decision that we will ever make.”

    He also said the responsibility of choosing who a person will date and marry falls on no one except the individual. The percentage of getting married will increase if we date those who are active and faithful in the church, he said.

    President Monson also dispelled the rumor that Mission Presidents are telling returning missionaries to get married six months after they get home. He said the girlfriends or boyfriends of those missionaries were telling them this.

    The last important decision is what will be my life”s work?

    President Monson said we need to find something that will challenge our intellect and put to use the maximum of our abilities. Choosing something that will provide adequately for our families in the future is also an important consideration.

    “Do not be afraid of tough classes or lengthy times of preparation.” President Monson said.

    In making these three decisions, President Monson advised not to make them without eternal help.

    “You have access to the lighthouse of the Lord,” he said. “Follow the prophets and we will be in safe territory.”

    If we start to feel down while making these life changing decisions, President Monson urges to remember others who have been there and to gather strength from them.

    President Monson gave two formulas to help us with these decisions. First,success is equal to paying an honest tithing, which President Monson said is a “benchmark commandment.”

    Second, President Monson said to follow the direction in D&C 9:8-9 where readers are directed to study their decision and ask in prayer if it is correct.

    President Monson”s address was broadcasted throughout the world as part of the Church Educational System fireside.

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