Parking pass cost concerns students


    By David Scott

    With the increase in parking pass prices this year, students are reacting to the added strain it may cause to their budgets.

    This year, “G” lot passes are $80, “C” and “Y” lot passes are $60 and Wymount and Wyview passes are $30. In the case of “C” and “Y” lot passes, it”s an increase of $45, three times the amount it used to be.

    “There are various reasons why there is a price increase for the passes,” said Lieutenant Aaron D. Rhoades of the BYU police department. “There hasn”t been a price increase in about 15 years; some of the money will help fund the free UTA pass, some of it will go towards other University needs.”

    The money goes to the university general fund and will be allocated as needed, though it doesn”t necessarily mean that the money will go toward parking, Rhoades said.

    Students on campus have mixed reactions about the rate increase and how they are going to deal with it.

    “I”m boycotting the Y lot because of the high prices,” said Andrew Hopkin, a senior majoring in accounting. “I guess that”s what they want from us.”

    For some students, the increased prices mean a change in lifestyle.

    “We”re just going to have to find a different way to get to school,” Hopkin said. ” I live north of campus, and where I live it”s just too far to walk to a bus stop. I”m just going to have to coordinate my schedule with my wife.”

    Melanie Bradshaw, a sophomore majoring in humanities, welcomes the change.

    “I”m not buying a parking permit this year because I want the exercise,” she said.

    However, Bradshaw admits she would buy a parking permit if it was still $15.

    For other students, the increase in price doesn”t affect them at all.

    “I think that the free bus passes are awesome,” said David Jones, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. ” I don”t have a car, so the parking prices don”t bother me. I”d take the bus no matter what, I”m a starving student.”

    There is an option for students who don”t want to pay for parking and still want to drive to school. West of the stadium, a free parking lot is offered to all students. To get a pass, students must get an emissions test and fill out a parking permit form with Parking and Traffic services located just south of Deseret Towers.

    Despite this free service, students have not jumped on the opportunity for the free parking pass.

    “Nobody wants to walk, is the biggest complaint,” Rhoades said. ” This is a walking campus, and it really isn”t that far to walk from the Marriott center to the other side of campus.”

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