Health Center class teaches positive image


    By Brittany Bluth

    While the latest fad diets guarantee a weight loss of 15 pounds in just a few weeks, a dietician at the BYU Student Health Center will teach students how to manage their weight without dieting.

    Stacey Prince, a dietician at the BYU Student Health Center, will teach a 12-week course that begins Sept. 16. The course will be held every Tuesday from 4 to 5 p.m.

    “In this class we will focus on intuitive eating and a more positive approach to food,” Prince said. “It is a great class for people who are sick of dieting.”

    The class will teach students how to listen to hunger and satiety signals, how to make eating a more positive experience and how to develop a more positive body image, Prince said.

    The class will also encourage students to make nutritional food choices and get adequate exercise.

    Prince said the class will involve group interaction and will be a lot of fun.

    “Overall I think the class will be a good learning experience,” Prince said. “It is definitely important and useful information for anyone to know.”

    Anyone interested in registering for the class can call Prince at 378-2966.

    Registration fee for the course is $60. The money will be refunded at the end of the 12 weeks if the student attends every class. Five dollars will be deducted from the fee for each missed class.

    Students will not earn university credit by taking the class.

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