Orem’s SCERA gallery displays student art


    The SCERA Art Gallery offers a place for both upcoming and professional artists to present their works to the community.

    Each month the SCERA gallery features a new exhibit the community can view at no cost.

    One of those months is devoted to junior high school student artists and another is set aside for high school artists, said Max Weaver, chairman of the SCERA visual arts board.

    The students are judged by professionals and given prize ribbons.

    Being in an exhibit is a good way for the students to get exposure and a good thing to put on their resumes, said April Wetzeal, marketing director at the SCERA.

    The present exhibit features Nina Schumann and ten of her student’s works. Her students range from middle school to retired age. Schumann said all of her students were very pleased and excited to have their art exhibited at the gallery.

    Schumann studied as an adult at Snow College, Utah Valley Community College and BYU.

    She has her art displayed at the Utah County Courthouse, UVSC Collection, Roberts Arts and Crafts Store, and exhibited at the Utah Valley Art Guild show and ZCMI Tiffin Room.

    Schumann prefers to paint western scenes with oil and watercolors. She is now preparing for a solo show in 2004.

    The visual arts board for the gallery chooses which pieces to hang, Weaver said. The board consists of six members that have all had training in the art field.

    The training is evident in the tasteful and beautiful art displayed. It is a room filled with watercolor, oil paint, and colored pencil art works. They portray everything from people and animals to landmarks.

    “It gives people exposure to the arts that normally wouldn’t go to an art gallery,” said Wetzeal. “We put it here because SCERA is all about the arts and it’s a big part of that.”

    The gallery is open from noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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