Letter to the editor: Finally an expose


    I can?t say how happy I was to read your article about Southridge. I?m in our nation?s capital doing an internship and read it online. I got stuck living in that dump for a year. Our ceiling leaked for most of Fall and all of Winter semester and the management refused to do anything about it. They were difficult to work with.

    My fellow roommates and I dreamed of someday buying Southridge and destroying it with sledgehammers, but it looks like Mother Nature has already had to suffer through it.

    Zach Derr


    T.J. Campbell
    Sugarland, Texas

    Spencer S. Jones
    Austin, Texas

    Reza Ghazi-Moradi
    Bakersfield, Calif.

    Alex Hassell
    Anoka, Minn.

    Nick Hudson

    Greg Packer
    Rochester, Minn.

    Spencer Toronto

    Jeff Johnson
    Charleston, Wyo.

    Luke Millmont
    Cheyenne, Wyo.

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