Letter to the editor: BYU indoctrination


    I write partly in response to Adrian Reynolds’ letter last week. I too have qualms with American Heritage, though not for the same reason as Reynolds. BYU is in the U.S., and in Utah; thus, I am little concerned with its preoccupation (in certain aspects) with things American and Utahn. I’ll never take Utah History, but I appreciate it being offered here.

    As a conservative, however, I am appalled by AHtg’s rightist bent. Certainly a GE program is appropriate, and one that studies America’s heritage is appropriate as well. But the fact is that (at least in Latimer’s class)students are inundated with rightist messages without being told the messages are such. I note with disdain leftist indoctrination on campuses such as Berekely and Brown, and note both leftist and rightist indocrtination here. I would be pleased to see students join the right here, but I am adamant that the professors who encourage such movement make their actions clear to the students who are not otherwise particularly politically savvy.


    Nathan S. Cardon
    Mesa, AZ

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